Win Seminar

We're glad to announce a unique seminar focusing on new and exciting opportunities for Windows Phone Developers.
This seminar will be held in Hall 8, between 11:00 - 12:50
It is open for all the Mobile Monetization Attendees and features the following sessions:

  9:00-11:00    General Session at Hall 6
11:00-12:00    8 ways to win your downloads
                          Tzvia Gitlin Troyna, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Israel
                          Pavel Yosifovich, CTO, CodeValue

How do you turn your Windows Phone 8 applications into a success story? Whether you’re seeking just plenty of downloads, or real money, you’ll want to take note of the things shown in this session. From the UI design to app updates and many things in between, you’ll get tips for making your apps shine.
12:00-12:50 – Max with NAX – WP8 App Monetization ecosystem
                           Itay Gadot, VP Marketing, inneractive

While the world is busy focusing on ios and Android, a third and powerful ecosystem is rising. Microsoft and its partner Nokia are putting all their might behind Windows Phone 8. The success of an ecosystem is measured by business opportunities it provides its developer community with. Acknowledging this notion, Nokia recently launched the Nokia Ad Exchange powered by inneractive, which provides a first-of-its kind cross-platform discovery and monetization solution for app developers. Join this session to hear how to turn your WP8 apps into business.
 12:50-13:50 – Lunch and back to the General Session

More about the speakers:

Tzvia Gitlin Troyna, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Israel

Tzvia is responsible for Windows Phone, Enterprise and Public Sector organizations (EPG & PS). Tzvia is responsible for creating unique Opportunities and developing programs for the Israeli mobile ecosystem and for growing and sustaining the robust community of developers and entrepreneurs working with Microsoft's Windows phone platform and services. Tzvia has over 15 years of international experience in the telecommunications and the software industry, Tzvia brings unique combination of technology expertise and business value, what made her the mobile discipline leader at Microsoft Israel.

Itay Gadot, VP Marketing, inneractive

As an experienced publisher, Itay joined the inneractive team in 2010 with his unprecedented ability to recruit new developers and help them boost their app revenue. As VP of Publisher Relations, he led the entire sales and account management teams. In his following role as VP Marketing, Itay leads up one of the industry’s top marketing teams. His responsibilities include forming and developing a dynamic and robust strategy to disrupt the exploding mobile monetization space. Before joining inneractive, Itay co-founded Cellfer, a company that brought a Kindle-like reading experience to mobile handsets. Prior to Cellfer, Itay was Director of Marketing at WorldMate (MobiMate).

Pavel Yosifovich, CTO, CodeValue

Pavel is the CTO of CodeValue, a software services and training company, where he trains, writes and consults, specializing in Microsoft technologies. He’s also a Microsoft MVP and a frequent speaker at national events. In a dimly remembered past he co-founded a startup (Quiksee) and served as a lead developer, team leader and CTO (later to be acquired by
Google). Pavel has more than 14 years of experience in the software development arena.